May 2020

Practical Successful Suffering

April 2020

Hope in Trials

Often as Christians we hear a message on hope and put a pressure on ourselves to “smile anyway.” This is not that message. The truth is there are sorrows… we should feel sorrowful. There are reasons to grieve, we should grieve. However, the victory over all that is the hope that Jesus gave us through […]

Because He Rose… We Rise!!

In these disturbing times I have asked myself, if there was one message left to speak to the masses, what would do I think God would want be to preach, this is it…. The Easter Message. God created humanity to be awesome. Humanity was tricked and blew it. Because or that there is great penalty. […]

March 2020

Covid-19.. What Do We Do?

In this time of struggle and trials, What is the Church’s response? Who do we turn to? Of course we turn to Christ. In this moment if trial, we have our greatest opportunity to show people who Christ is…. Please like and share.  

August 2018

What Do We Look Like?

What Do We Look Like?

July 2018


Do you know why your here? I do. You are here to be loved and to love. You are here to be given strength and to give strength. You are here to be filled with the Holy Spirit and know that you are loved by a God and friend and father that will never leave.

July 2017

No Condemnation

April 2017

dirty feet

January 2017

Come Alive